Attention, POETS and STORYTELLERS! Practice your five-minute story for the stage at Rehearse Your Story, Sunday, May 19 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the South Hills.

In addition to poets and storytellers rehearsing their stories, local authors are welcome to practice their book readings for book talks and other events.

Get feedback on structure and delivery from our expert panelists:

  • Actor, Samantha Ainsworth: Bringing Your Best Self to the Stage
  • Poet and Storyteller, Sarah Rose: Sensitivity in Storytelling
  • Storyteller, Maria Simbra: Opening with a Bang

Enrollment will be capped at ten. Sign up now for the best discount:

The Pittsburgh Poetry Collective is proud to be a Non-profit Partner for this event. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Pittsburgh Poetry Collective.

Rehearse Your Story won’t be back until May 2025 at the earliest, so come participate in this one while you can.

Pittsburgh Poetry meets Pittsburgh Photography Club
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