Social distancing is an act of solidarity with and for at-risk populations. As much of the country moves on, please remember: you are connected to higher risk populations and people who are not eligible for vaccines. Please be respectful and follow public health recommendations. I just realized I was still sending everyone to the page where it said come to my house. Which, sure! But that’s not guidelines-guidelines.

We continue to meet almost every week to chat, read, write, show-and-tell, and just make space for each other to check in during this weird time!! Just about anything goes! Unfortunately, the guidelines usually are guidelines because something happened, or are updated because something happened.  Something happened.

  • All participants in Pittsburgh Poetry Collective events are held to behaviour standards outlined in our Organizational Code of Conduct and Release, which has been updated to incorporate our Free Speech and Brave Space policy.
  • Consent is mandatory!  In life and at PPC events.
  • Pronouns!  We want to use the ones you want us to use – so add them to the name you’d like to be called by using the three-dot menu in the upper right of your image onscreen!  
  • Please keep your microphone muted unless it is your turn to read.
  • We encourage you to make use of the reaction buttons at the bottom of your screen for digital snaps and affirmations, in lieu of mic’d responses.
  • If you have tech questions, like how to change your display name, how to hide your video from yourself, how to virtual backgrounds, or etc, please ask in the chat!
  • Content notes/ warnings are welcome and encouraged.  Please consider the themes of your writing and use one for your piece if you think one is applicable.  If you hear something triggering for you, please help yourself feel safe.  Let us know if we can support you in it.
  • We encourage new readers and have enjoyed this time to welcome participants from a much larger geographic area than in-person events can accommodate.  We understand that not everyone has access to the same tech.  We understand that video isn’t everyone’s favorite.  We understand we don’t know everyone and always hope to see new names and faces in our events.  However, we also understand Zoombombing and other predatory behaviors occur and we don’t want abusive behavior in our space.  The host reserves the right to boot any user at any time if their behaviour is disruptive or seems to fall outside the previously referenced standards.  If your poem has a big “turn” or similar device, or deals with violent or sensitive imagery, please use Content Warnings so that others can take the steps they need to take.
    • If you are removed from the event by the host and you would like to be readmitted or discuss why that happened, please use the Contact Us form at or Facebook message the event that is currently running.  We will try to respond ASAP.
    • If someone is removed from a running event, the waiting room function will be enabled for the rest of that event.
  • Please avoid gendered and binary language!  This will make you a better humyn and a better writer, guaranteed!  There is no arguing if someone tells you a term is not inclusive or othering to them – if they say it is, it is.
  • Some readers are willing and able to place the words to their poems in the chat so one could read along and listen at the same time.  If this would make the event more accessible for you, please let us know and we will further encourage this use of the tech!
  • The time limit is:  “don’t appoint yourself the star of the show,” but feel free to read more than one piece at a turn.  We will generally go through all readers twice with a break in between before shifting to “things I liked on the internet this week” and “this is what I am watching on my preferred streaming service.”  
  • Pet co-stars are always welcome (to me, LBJ, I will 100% squee over animals in the movie)
  • Shameless self promotion is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!  Let us know if you are reading somewhere else, or if there’s something poem-y coming up that you’re really excited about!  Share your other events and favorite readings here, in the Facebook event, in the Pittsburgh Poetry Calendar Facebook group!  Consider using Meetup too!
2023 is happening!??! With poems!
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