at a new spot!! See you at St Clair Social!!

In Friendship – 302 S St Clair St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206!

PPC Liner Notes in December is for holiday!!!! Do you want to write a new poem with us?? Somebody was like “let’s do Mariah Carey” and LB was like “nah alllllllllll holiday” 

Join us Tuesday December 12 at an exciting new spot – St Clair Social for a Liner Notes writing workshop! Poets sign up in advance and add their favorite holiday track to our playlist. The writer then composes a new piece ‘inspired by’ their track in any way they choose, which they then read in the Liner Notes showcase! We have seen form poetry, lyrics erasure pieces, the most tenuously related subject matter… Pretty much anything goes at Liner Notes and that means props and costumes are welcome! We play the track, you read your poem, we all have fun and have a new poem!! 

Sign up via Google Doc, as per usual!

But also, y’know, if you need the Queen of Christmas

…And then we did it all again.
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