In November 2023, the Pittsburgh Poetry Collective and Poetry Lounge (Millvale) began to collaborate and cross-promote with one another in order to provide a safe and gainful Open Mic experience. After several months of successful evenings, the PPC could not be happier with partnering with a venue that shares our same goal and passion for creating a safe space for Art in Pittsburgh.

Poetry Lounge owner Sean Dwyer Enright has been a welcoming host, active participate in the show, and a huge reason behind the partnership success! We would be remiss not to also include Toy Slaughter and Vick in our praise and thank them for their hard work behind and on the scene to ensure that the artists on stage are respected and that the audience is being assisted with any questions or concerns. We hope to continue to grow this partnership particularly during National Poetry Month coming up in April and May 17-18 for the Spoken Word Stage of the Millvale Music Festival!!! You might see some familiar faces from the PPC and Open Mic performing.

Sean and Poetry Lounge are also bringing back classic zine yawp with it’s accompanying showcase variety show “yawp carnival poetica” also returning in April! For more info and instructions on how to submit, visit their website.

Please follow the Poetry Lounge on facebook and instagram @poetrypgh

Liner Notes Holiday Party
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