As ever, all of our Pittsburgh Poetry Collective events are governed by our organizational documents, in spirit and in word. We are moving forward into 2021, some of us more bravely than others (it’s me, LB, I am the less brave!) and we’re hosting a monthly hybrid event. We’re going to try to have it be a slam, like how we wrote out all the how-to a slam info HERE. In addition to that and to the online event guidelines that we adapted from Poetry & Pints, here are some extra guidelines as we launch into hybrid in-person events!!

  • Be patient with us. This is our first hybrid event and it may take some time to sort out our lives. 
  • All poetry slam participants and audience members who come to PA Market in person should wear a mask at all times when inside the building. When seated outside you can remove your mask if you sit with your party and are fully vaccinated. 
  • Please socially distance yourself from other parties. 
  • Be respectful of others’ comfort and risk levels.  
  • We all know consent is mandatory – this is that.
  • When performing at the mic, you may remove your mask.  We will sanitize the mic between performers. 
  • Sign up sheet goes out at 7:00 for both online and in person performers.  A PPC board member will be writing the names of our 8 slammers to make sure we are in the order as received.  That same person with the host will do the draw for everyone. 
  • There will be at least 6 open mic spots interspersed. 
  • $5 donation suggested from performers, in person, and online audiences.
  • The computer at the PA Market will face the “stage” and we will do our best to make sure everyone can be heard both online and in person.  For this reason and all the usual others, you must use the microphone!  
  • If you cannot see/hear online hit the Zoom chat which will be monitored to the best of our ability.
  • Be patient.
  • Be patient.
  • Be patient.

folkLAB presents: Sadapalooza
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